Is it possible notify metricbeat to recheck some given metricsets/events?


I understand that metricBeat periodically schedules modules in order to fetch metricset or events on observed components.

In some situations, i.e., when the sampled metrics leads to an alert, it is useful to provide to operators the ability to force-recheck a given metricset/event so they don't need to wait for the next period to verify whether or not they fixed the issue.

Is there a way to notify a running metricbeat process that it must re-recheck a given module/metricset/event (whatever makes the most sense), without having to restart the metricbeat process (which would re-recheck all configured modules ; that's overkill)?

If not available with current metricbeat version, then could this be considered as a suggestion for a next metricbeat release?

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This is currently not possible. Recently configuration reloading was introduced which perhaps could be instrumented for this: It would require that the specific module config would change, means a field is added or period is changed. Just "touching" it, it will assume it is still the same and no restart happens.

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