Is it possible to backport APM with ES 5.6

We are very interested in ES APM, but for some reason we have to maintain the 5.6 version of ES, is it possible to run APM on ES 5.6 (even some features missing), how big is the gap ?

Elastic APM went GA with the Elastic Stack 6.2 release. It is not tested against the Elastic Stack < 6.2, and earlier versions of Kibana for visualizing the data will be missing the APM tab. You can find an overview in the compatibility matrix .

I have read the version compatibility specification. What I actually want to know is, is there any technical broken changes that makes it impossible to use APM on ES 5.6, or it's just not supported only because of product strategy?

Anyway, I will try to install APM with ES 5.6.

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