Is it possible to collect data from my website with logstash

hi dears, i have a web site for selling products and i want to know if it possible to collect data from a website with logstash, if there is any example
Thank you very much

Logstash can be a useful part of a chain to do this, yes.

Typically, one would emit log messages from their application, or would scrape the access logs from their webserver. They would ship these logs to one or more centralised Logstash servers using either Filebeat or syslog, and would define a pipeline in Logstash to extract useful information from the log messages into a structured format, possibly also enriching the events with outside information. These structured events would then be sent to Elasticsearch or another document store for analysis.

yhis is not what i want, my need is to collect the data published in a website and not the logs of servers

you will need to be more clear then.

What data? how is it being "published"?

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i have a website for news, and i want to collect data published in teh website, for example a publish news with title and details and i want to read the data published ( title, text of the details) using logstash how to do that
thank you

From your description of the problem, I don't believe Logstash is an appropriate means of approaching the solution.

These are the types of question you will need to answer in order to find an appropriate solution:

What is the end goal for this data?
Where are you looking to send it to, and what shape does it need to be in?
What does your web application look like, and how much control over its behaviour do you have?

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i have a web site when i publish articles about news, and i want to collect data from the published news and make it visible in kibana ( enabling search for particular words) the web site is in php and is published on teh internet and it is my own web site

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