Is it possible to create configuration snippet for the logstash-forwarder in a directory?

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Hello all,

I want/need to create logstash-forwarder configuration snippets based on which Puppet profile a server uses. For example a server that runs Apache and PostgreSQL should have entries in /etc/logstash-forwarder/conf.d/ likes this


If this is possible how need the JSON content be structured?

Thx in advance,

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Yes, this is possible. The contents of the "files" sections will be concatenated to a single list, likewise with the list of server names. Non-list configuration keys like SSL configuration values can't exist in more than one place. See config.go:45 for how this is implemented.

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THX for the answer. I will look into the code and try to understand it. But I am not a developer or have any experience with Go. I am just a DevOps with the emphasis on Ops ;-).

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I have setup something that works. If someone else stumbles over this: you only need to create valid JSON configuration snippets in the configuration directory and the logstash-forwarder takes care of the rest if started with the -config option pointing to this directory.

THX for the help.

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