Is it possible to reload the javascript files in filebeat script processor without restarting filebeat

I am trying to process some ips using filebeat script processor. I have created the code that can pick the ip and translate the ip to a device name from the event and send the event with a new field to elasticsearch.

The problem I am having is:
we add devices from time to time for our clients and give a new name to the device ip.
we might be adding devices daily. We update the javascript object and add this new device ip and name in the object. Filebeat is running during all this time because the changes are done on external javascript file. The changes however won't be reflected on elasticsearch side and device name will still come as missing unless we STOP filebeat and start it or restart it.
is there any possibility to get the output updated without stopping and starting filebeat or restarting filebeat?

I believe this is the way to go, watch for changes and restart. If you consider this is a crucial feature for you, feel free to open a Beats issue.

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