Is it possible to use multiple pipeline.yml files?

I was thinking if i can set multiple pipeline.yml for multiple instances in the same machine
like one in /etc/logstash/team_x
other in /etc/logstash/team_y

You cannot change the name of pipelines.yml, but you can change the location using --path.settings on the command line or the LS_SETTINGS_DIR environment variable.

You may have specific benefits or efficiencies in mind when choosing this deployment model, but prima facie it is not a good idea. The problem with this model is that one logstash application cannot have insight into the others running.

However, if you run ONE logstash with multiple pipelines (which can be broken down into multiple pipeline files, for breaking apart the config) and it can track all of them. From there you can figure out resource contention between the pipelines.

One alternate is if you ran docker with multiple logstash instances running that way- but again, they won't know about each other.