Is it possible to use OSS docker images (without xpack)?


I'm not sure but it seems ECK operator is strictly depends on xpack features. Is there any way to use it open source version of ElasticSearch with ECK operator?

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ECK requires security which is not available with a pure OSS version.
Do you have any concern you could share about not using this?


In our case, We don't require authentication, or even TLS/HTTPS,
Since the cluster is running in closed, single purpose, Kubernetes cluster,
Where all workloads are totally in our control.
And it makes it simpler for our client developers currently, to operate without authentication.
Since we don't require those security features, I'd like avoid the overhead of Auth/TLS.



I would also enjoy having the possibility to simply use the OSS images for the same use case expressed by @Asaf_Ohayon. I have no need for any of the X-pack features and the TLS/auth just complicates things unnecessarily for simple in-cluster logging setups for instance.