Is it safe to modify an index created with App Search via Kibana?


I have joined a team using app search, but we have a requirement for a more complex suggestion logic than we can implement using the Query Suggestion API.

Is it safe for me to alter the index created by App search via kibana, for example to add Context Suggestion for a field, when we have app search sitting on top of this index?

We would then build a new query for suggestion, either querying the index directly or using the Elasticsearch search API

Thank you

Hi @Conor_Hennessy ,

I would not recommend making changes to the App Search index. The index settings/mapping are not considered part of our public API, so if you make changes, you may break your ability to upgrade to newer versions, as we do not anticipate changes in this area.

However, starting in 8.2, we have begun to introduce the ability to use App Search to query Elasticsearch indices, and also to issue Elasticsearch queries against App Search engines. These three guides may be able to help your use case:

I hope that helps!

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