Is that possible to send logs from wso2 IoT server to elk stack?

(DharaniKumar) #1

If it is possible kindly guide me the steps to send logs from wso2 IoT server to elk stack. Thanking you in advance.

(Pablo) #2

That looks more a question for wso2. If you can install anything there that could ship logs (like filebeat) I don't think there is an issue.

(Javier) #3

If still that WSO2 does not allow you to install any software you could still try one thing:

If that WSO2 has a syslog daemon, perhaps you could configure it to send the logs to the logstash host, and there, read configure a file input on logstash to read the syslog file, and use grok to filter events coming from that host

(DharaniKumar) #4

Yeah we can use elasticsearch connector from wso2 site to connect wso2 IoT server to elk stack. I'm asking about someone had tried that before and if yes guide me through that process.

(Jones Thomas) #5

Yes.we use filebeat installed in ws02 server and send logs from wso2 to ELK

(system) #6

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