Is the feature route change time live now?

The feature mentioned at the end of the URL Performing Real User Monitoring (RUM) with Elastic APM | Elastic Blog is live now?
"Hopefully this blog made it clear that instrumenting your applications with Elastic RUM is simple and easy, yet extremely powerful. Together with other APM agents for backend services, RUM gives you a holistic view of application performance from an end user perspective through distributed tracing."

How to use it if it is live ?


If your question is about seamless React framework integration, then yes we have had the integration live for more than a year - React integration | APM Real User Monitoring JavaScript Agent Reference [5.x] | Elastic

Hi @vigneshshanmugam ,

Thanks for your valuable reply. Any idea if it is possible to record first content paint and last content full paint while navigating with react routing.
How to record the time taken to change the route by using this version [5.x]. I have tried using the transaction type as route-change but it is not reflecting by default?

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