Is there a K8s Container min for Logstash?

I was using k8s and was fiddling with the idea of a logstash container. Without putting any requests or limits in place though, Logstash, as well as Elasticsearch and Kibana can be a bit greedy when it comes to some resources.

I was trying to figure out what kind of limits I should put in place for logstash, as well as other containers.

It seems that K8S on Raspberry Pi 4 + 4G RAM + 32G sd card cant handle a test instance of ELK deployed on it without limits. With that said, Elastic seems to be the most important requirement and in comparison, Kibana and Logstash would need less resources.

I duplicated this test bed, but instead ran it on k8s on a Macbook pro with far more resources and it would run without and loop backoff errors due to resource limits.

I saw some default Memory limits for E/K in the website but I didnt see anything for Logstash, and likewise, noticed that there werent CPU limits and that it was meant to allow a greedy design to give the most resources as possible.

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