Is there a way to skip the WorkplaceSearch login screen?

I have installed WorkplaceSearch in an internal on-premise environment.
This server is in an environment that cannot be accessed except within the company, so if possible, I would like to skip the screen for entering authentication information when logging in and access WorkplaceSearch.
Is it possible to use it in this way? Please tell me how to set this up.

Hi @its-ogawa ,

You have at least two options for this.
The first would be to use SAML in conjunction with a Single Sign On (SSO) to that your users automatically redirect through the login process after they've signed on to your SSO provider. See User Management and Security | Workplace Search Guide [7.13] | Elastic

The second is to build your own search experience, and use an OAuth flow to have your users authorize to Workplace Search once, and then just be able to access your custom search UI without additional credentials. See Building Custom Search Experiences | Workplace Search Guide [7.13] | Elastic

Thank you for your answer.

Do I need a Platinum license for any of the two methods you suggested?
I would like to use the basic license first to try WorkplaceSearch. Is it not possible to try that method with this license type?

First, I tried the second suggestion.
However, when I go to Organization settings > OAuth application, I get the following message

Configuring OAuth for Custom Search Applications
Configure an OAuth application for secure use of the Workplace Search Search API. Upgrade to a Platinum license to enable the Search API and create your OAuth application.

Next, I tried the first suggestion.
I followed all the steps in the following URL

When I start EnterpriseSearch, I get the following message

# ENT_SEARCH_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=passwordexample /usr/share/enterprise-search/bin/enterprise-search
Found java executable in PATH
Java version detected: 1.8.0_282 (major version: 8)
Enterprise Search is starting...
[2021-06-21T03:36:21.090+00:00][24233][2002][app-server][INFO]: Enterprise Search version=7.13.2, JRuby version=, Ruby version=2.5.7, Rails version=
[2021-06-21T03:36:21.100+00:00][24233][2002][app-server][INFO]: Performing pre-flight checks for Elasticsearch running on
[2021-06-21T03:36:21.603+00:00][24233][2002][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Elasticsearch cluster is ready
[2021-06-21T03:36:21.604+00:00][24233][2002][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Successfully connected to Elasticsearch
[2021-06-21T03:36:21.648+00:00][24233][2002][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Successfully loaded Elasticsearch plugin information for all nodes
[2021-06-21T03:36:21.672+00:00][24233][2002][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Elasticsearch running with an active basic license
[2021-06-21T03:36:21.742+00:00][24233][2002][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Elasticsearch API key service is enabled
[2021-06-21T03:36:21.743+00:00][24233][2002][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] ILM is enabled in Elasticsearch
[2021-06-21T03:36:21.745+00:00][24233][2002][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Elasticsearch X-Pack security is enabled and will be used for authentication

Need at least a Platinum license to use a SAML auth provider.


You can activate a trial version from Kibana. It will give you 30 days to try this out.

Thank you for your answer.

If you are recommending to try with a trial license, does that mean it is impossible to achieve this with a basic license?

Yes. OAuth is available from the platinum license as you can see here: Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic or with a trial license.

Ah. It was listed correctly, wasn't it? I'm sorry. I overlooked it.

So, if I get a platinum license, I can probably set it up in the way I described above.
I understand.

It would have been nice to have SSO with the basic license, but I'm not going to be extravagant.
I'll check out the other features, and if necessary, I'll consider getting the Platinum license.
Thank you very much.

is there a clone reactjs file of workplace search, where i can use oauth api for authentication and searching the contents after deploying it privately, i went through search-ui but it is build for app-search and site-search, is there an alternative source code for custom-ui to use oauth or if we have to use the search-ui itself, how do i connect the search response with the elastic components in the project.

We do not have it currently, but it's in our mid-term roadmap. If you're looking into using Search UI, you would have to write a Workplace Search connector, that would convert Workplace Search's Search API response into the format that is used by Search UI core. App Search Connector is probably the closest thing to what you need. If you go down that road, make sure to check out the Search UI Advanced guide.