Is there an option to set a different name (alias) other than the one on service_name

I'm trying to create some APM services from my java based servlets but I don't want to show the actual names on Kibana portal. Is there a way to create an alias for the Kibana portal different form the name set on elastic.apm.service_name?


No, there isn't such feature available, however you should be able to use ingest pipelines for that purpose.

With that, you should be able to:

  • change the values for
  • optionally keep the values in a separate attribute, for example in the labels.

As an alternative, you could also do the following:

  • set with an explicit value you'd like to see in Kibana
  • set a global label in the APM agents configuration to store the value currently stored in

This would not work if you rely on the service auto-detection feature in the Java agent, which is often used when multiple webapps are deployed on the same application server.

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