Is there any way to add custom date like financial year (01 April to 31 March) in Time filter quick ranges in Kibana 8.5

"from": "now-1y/d",
"to": "now",
"display": "Last 1 year"

Here, can we add a date range like (01 April to 31 March) as Financial Year?

Yes, you can do that on your Kibana installation:
You need to change the value of the timepicker:quickRanges setting in the Advanced settings. Advanced Settings | Kibana Guide [8.5] | Elastic

Hi Marius_Dragomir

thanks for your reply.
May you please add any time range for example purpose in timepicker:quickRanges .
actually, I have tried to add a financial year from 01 April - 31 March but not able to do that. I don't recognize the proper format for date in this section. I want to show one financial year data on Dashboard whenever I select this section. I have tried like

"from": "now-1April/d",
"to": "31March",
"display": "Financial Year"

Please suggest me the proper format for date.

Hi Marius_Dragomir,

thanks for your reply, Now I am able to add custom date inside date picker using timepicker:quickRanges . But still have some queries please reply to me. I will be very thankful to you.

  1. In the given image if we want only absolute date not relative, now section and time section. Then is it possible to do. If possible, then please suggest the way.

  2. My second requirement is that in the below image I need only commonly used section and rest we want to remove from here. can we do this? If yes, then how can I do that please suggest the way.

Please reply for my both queries, it will be very helpful for me, and I am waiting for your reply.

You can not remove the Relative and Now tabs.

You can also not remove the Recently used date ranges, this will show all the recent date filters people used.

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