Is there any way to define core number, filebeat should use?

Sets the maximum number of CPUs that can be executing simultaneously. The default is the number of logical CPUs available in the system.

If i set "max_procs: 1". Which core would be used ?
Is there any way to specify exact core?
For example core #0

@antonm can you describe your specific use case where you'd want filebeat pinned to a specific core?

We run affinized applications which requires full control of all cores on the machine with exception of core 0 which it can share with outside apps. We always affinize all outside apps to core 0.
Secondary, we want to be sure that is is not locking the file it is reading
locally or remotely.
Thirdly, it would be nice to control frequency of the threads.

@antonm have you considered using taskset ?

Is there something missing there that would need to be heartbeat specific?

Currently we are using ps.
$proclist = Get-Process -name filebeat
foreach ($proc in $proclist) {$proc.ProcessorAffinity=0x1}

Just wondered if there is a way to set this in filebeat.yml.

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