Is there anyway for logstash to join two csv files(m:m relationship) based on a common field, and ingest the data into one single index

Hi Team,

I have 2 csv files with be column info

  1. Columns of 1.csv

caseid, classname, features, actions, author, module, prerequisite, steps, ation

2. Columns of 2.csv


module, features, ation, ui, ktf1,ktf2,ktf3,......

As I what I put above, there're several common fields between these 2 files. The relationship between 2 csv files are many to many. that is one row in 1.csv could map to mulitple rows in 2.csv, and vice versa.

My Requirement:
Is there any way for logstash to join the rows in these 2 csv files based on the common field ation??

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