Is there anyway to store document to the index pattern {YYYY.MM.dd} but in CST time {YYYY.MM.dd} via logstash?


I have noticed Logstash stores documents to a {YYYY.MM.dd} index in UTC time. However, my local time is CST time. So, for example, my local time is now 2023/3/30 7:40 AM. The Logstash will store the data to index {2023.3.29}

Is there any way to get rid of this?

The entire stack defaults to UTC and will convert to and from that based on your system timestamp, you cannot change that sorry.

Hi @warkolm

Thanks for your reply.

I know I can not change the @timestamp field. And as far as I know, it only converts the @timestamp field in kibana to my chrome time. So, it still is UTC time in logstash and will not convert to my system timestamp since it uploads the document to a UTC time-based index.

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