Is there solution for collect frontend log

Is there solution send frontend log from browser to Elastic? The only thing I found is fleet custom http server.

Hey @Allen_Wei,

Have you looked into RUM Real User Monitoring (RUM) | APM User Guide [8.5] | Elastic yet?

Yes, I checked RUM, but what I need is collect event log from frontend

Hey @Allen_Wei, what sort of frontend events are you looking to track?

For example

  1. User behavior event tracking,
  2. Frontend debug logs

Hi @Allen_Wei,

Thanks for reaching out!

Do you mean to have the possibility of sending custom logs on demand? If you mean that, unfortunately, we don't have that feature at the moment. The "closest" things that we have are:

But as you can see that is not the same due to the fact that at the end of the day everything ends linked to a transaction/error. As mentioned above, we cannot send logs as an "independent entity" at the moment.

Btw, when it comes to User behavior event tracking the agent intercepts user clicks to create transactions. More info here and here

Let me know if this helps you.


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Hi @Alberto_Delgado ,

The document is very helpful. add span to transaction is definitely help.

Instead of add span to the transaction, we'd like use it as log.

  1. We don't want to add those event to transaction
  2. Span API does not accept more customized data.

This is more like JavaScript Logging