ISO 8601 Basic Format

Hi everyone,

I was reading ISO 8601 wiki:

And found out:
"Representations can be done in one of two formats – a basic format with a minimal number of separators or an extended format with separators added to enhance human readability."

But if I use ISO8601 date filter for the following, I get a "_dateparsefailure":

For me it looks exactly as basic format of ISO8601.

I didn't find any discussion on this topic in the internet, so decided to start one here.

My reading is that the code (and here) requires separators. You cannot just smush the year, month, and day together.

Hi @Badger,

I'm quite new to ELK and ISO8601, that's why I decided to read wikipedia.

Wikipedia says - there are 2 formats - basic and extended. Basic allows to omit any punctuation.

I didn't generate this date string myself. It came from one of commercial app logs. Looks suspiciously kind of ISO8601.

Started a topic in GitHub too:

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