Issue reading text file with grok

I'm very new to logstash and even newer to the idea of grok statements. I have a config file that I've written to use a grok statement to read in a text file. I'm using custom statements which I tested using the grok debugger, but when I run the file in logstash it reads in the text file but none of the data gets parsed into my fields. When I run the file with an stdout it shows The following:

"@timestamp:" => 2019-09-23T12:09:36.836Z,
        "Message" => "The message for the line it was reading",
                 "tags" => [ [0] "_grokparsefailure"],
                 "host" => "host name",
                 "path" => "path name",
        "@version" => "1"

Below is my config file, and my custom pattern.


input {
	file {
		path => [ "/Elastic/logstash-7.3.1/DVIS_Log.txt" ]
		start_position => "beginning"
		sincedb_path => "/Elastic/logstash-7.3.1/dvis_log_sincedb.txt"
filter {
		patterns_dir => ["/⁨Elastic⁩⁨/logstash-7.3.1/patterns/DVIS_LOG_pattern.txt"]
		match => {"message" => "%{CUSTTIME} %{LRU} %{LRUID} %{SEVERITY} %{GREEDYDATA:message}"}
	date {
		match => [ "timestamp", "yyyyMMdd'T'HHmmss" ]
output {
	elasticsearch {
		hosts => "http://localhost:9200"
		index => "open-skies-css-bit-test"

Grok Pattern:

CUSTTIME %{MONTHNUM}[/-]%{MONTHDAY}[/-]%{YEAR}\s*(?!<[0-9])%{HOUR}:%{MINUTE}(?::%{SECOND})(?![0-9]) LRU [a-zA-Z0-9._-]+ LRUID [a-zA-Z0-9._-]+ SEVERITY [/-/ ].*?[/-/ ].*?.*?[/-/ ].*?[/-/ ]
This is a sample line from the txt file:

20190723T172417 AOSC 120013k801-1 [EVENT]: 07/23/19 17:24:17 AOSC --- Info --- MCCC Bad entered

I found this thread [Logstash _grokparsefailure . Unable to find issue] that seemed to imply that using multiple config files with grok can cause issues (Which is my situation), but like I said I'm pretty new to this so I don't know.

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