Issue with mertics filter plugin

HI Team ,

i'm using metrics filter plugin for different files with their respective count. but i'm unable to get the metrics results.

here is my logstash conf

reading log file here
**using grok to extract file_name **
metrics {
meter => ["%{file_name}"]
add_tag => "metrics"
id => "file_count"
output {
if "metrics" in [tags] {
stdout {
codec => line {
format => " %{file_name} --> COUNT : %{[file_name][count]}"


OUTPUT i'm getting is
%{file_name} -->COUNT : %{[file_name][count]}
%{file_name} -->COUNT : %{[file_name][count]}
%{file_name} -->COUNT : %{[file_name][count]}

Expected output
file1--> COUNT:100
file2--> COUNT:100
file3--> COUNT:100

could you please help here?

Hi @magnusbaeck

Your input here please.


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