Issue with multiple outputs in filebeat

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I am looking for an option to send logs to multiple outputs . I tried configuring multiple outputs, if all the out puts are reachable then logs are sent successfully. But if one of the output is not reachable, then no logs are sent to any of the outputs, its like filebeat just stop sending any logs.

Is there any way I can bypass this, i.e. Can I still continue to pump logs to available connections? ignoring one that has issue?


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We don't recommend sending to multiple outputs from Beats because of this. This is due to the at-least-one delivery guarantees for the outputs. You are better off writing the data to a message queue and consuming the data from there. See

Thanks for the reply. We are working on replacing previous forwarder with filebeat. I did read about the changes done to filebeat. But is there any particular reason we need to move to filebeat?

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