Issues analysing elastic traffic

Im trying to analyze the queries that came to my ES cluster, I manage to install packetbeat to analyze the http traffic that cames to the port 9200, and Im getting the request (and responses) but Im also having a lot of errors, this is one of the most recurrents

POST /_bulk: first path segment in URL cannot contain colon

The log is quite huge, Im thinking, maybe I should send the logs to logstash and remove the colon, but I don't know which one is the offending field.

Thanks in advance


Which version of Packetbeat are you using?

Does that error appear in Packetbeat log? Can you paste the full log, including timestamps, so I can see where this error is coming from?

Hi im using 6.8.0, I think that the error ocurred when I enable this:

> include_body_for: ["text/html", "application/json"]

Can you paste a log snippet so I can see where this error is coming from?

Can you confirm by testing with and without this setting?

Is it possible that you capture a .pcap file that reproduces this issue? (run packetbeat with the --dump file.pcap parameter).

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