Java agent and jmx metrics

Hi im struggling with metrics from jmx and jboss eap.

i would like to get the same metrics as we get from Prometheus:

  • ",subsystem=ejb3,"
  • "*,subsystem=undertow"
  • ",subsystem=undertow,servlet="
  • ",subdeployment=,subsystem=ejb3,*"
  • ",subdeployment=,subsystem=undertow"
  • ",subdeployment=,subsystem=undertow,servlet=*"
  • ",data-source=*,statistics=jdbc"
  • ",data-source=*,statistics=pool"
  • ",xa-data-source=*,statistics=jdbc"
  • ",xa-data-source=*,statistics=pool"
  • ",server=,jms-queue="
  • ",server=,jms-topic="
  • ""
  • ",server=,http-listener="

i got datasources working but nothing else:
object_name[,data-source=*,statistics=pool] attribute[AvailableCount] attribute[ActiveCount] attribute[InUseCount] attribute[TimedOut] attribute[WaitCount]

Do you have any examples for getting info about jms queue/topics and sessions???

Hi @johanostberg,

Are those all the JMX object names that you want to monitor (and that you might already capture through Prometheus) ?

From what I understand in your case

  • all of the datasources (starting with are properly captured as expected.
  • all objects starting with the following prefixes are not captured

We had a few issues with JBoss and JMX metrics in the past where JMX notifications are not consistent:

  • For all of those attributes, can you tell us if are you able to read them using jconsole or visualvm tools from the JMX tree ?
  • does the issue also happens when using the runtime attach, thus without the -javaagent option and after JBoss server startup ?

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