Java APM agent configuration via external configuration management

Elastic Search Version: 7.3.1
APM Server Version: 7.3.1
APM Client Version: APM Java Agent: 1.x (current)
APM Agent language and version: Java 1.8

We are evaluating elastic APM for our micro service stack. As part of that we are evaluating programmatic self-attach of APM agent with Spring Boot application.
As part of that we are wondering if we can use external config solution(using spring-cloud-consul) to manage APM agents configuration. Please let us know if it is recommended to control via external config management solution like consul key value for a spring boot application.
Our original intention for external configuration is to dynamically change properties like

  1. active
  2. transaction_sample_rate

Hi and thanks for the question.

Currently, there is no API to plug-in an external configuration management system. But we are working on central configuration which can be configured within the APM Kibana App. See:

Currently, we support transaction_sample_rate and will add more options soon. Is that an option for you?

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