Java client error related secret_token

I'm facing an error when I try to use APM Java agent and secret_token.
In the following scenario:

client's side:


server's side:

secret_token: thisisarandomstring

everything works properly.
If I decide to create a keystore with

apm-server keystore add secret_token

and then in my apm-server.yml

secret_token: ${secret_token}

on my client side I'm not understanding what I have to specify. where can I find the encrypted value?
can you help me?

Hi @rschirin,

The value that you should provide on the agent side is the same un-encrypted value that you provided when creating the secret_token value on the server.

What this secret token provides is a way to make sure that no other agents that the ones you have set with this secret token can send APM data to your server.

While this value is stored in plain-text on the client, only the agents that are under your control would have it and will be able to send data.

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