Jboss log to Json

Can i give in parameter as jboss log in logstash and out parameter as json from logstash to elastic search ??
if yes please help out with this log example

2018-01-31 00:00:00,633 INFO [STDOUT] (http-xxxx%xxx.xx.xx.xx-xx-7) 00:00:00,633 [xx.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxx] INFO - xx xx xx [ xxxxxxx//1/xxxxx.xx.xx.xx,xx:1:1=xxxxxx,ACTIVITY:1:1=ACCOUNTS-BALANCE-xxxx-INT,EFFECTIVE.DATE:1:1=xxxxx,CUSTOMER:1:1=xxxxx,CURRENCY:1:1=xxx,ACCOUNT.NUMBER:1:1=xxxxxxxx,PRODUCT.LINE:1:1=xxxx,xxx.xxxx:1:1=TRANSACTION.xxx,xxx:1:1=NO,CUST.AC.NO:1:1=xxxxxx,xxxxx.IDENTI.CODE:1:1=xxxxx,AVAILABLE.BAL:1:1=0,LEDGER.BAL:1:1=0,CURR.NO:1:1=1]

im trying to convert the above log to the below format so that i can quer the log in kibana


Do you mean want to process that example entry and send it to Elasticsearch?

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