Jdbc column join

I want to ask is it possible and how to use filter to make to column join together?
For example, I have a column call brand and another column call name in my database.

I want to use filter to make it look like

 "projectname" : "brand" "name" 

in index.

Why not just do the join in the SELECT clause of your SQL query?

Because I do not have the right to modify the database.

You don't have to modify the database. I'm talking about concatenating the columns in the SELECT clause. Something like

SELECT (brand || " " || name) AS projectname, ... FROM ...

should work, possibly depending on your SQL dialect.

But sure, you could also use a Logstash filter:

mutate {
  add_field => {
    "projectname" => "%{brand} %{name}"
  remove_field => ["brand", "name"]

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