Jdbc connection to MS-SQL server with windows credentials

I am sitting on a WindownServer(2019) where I connect to a Windown sql 2016 server.

On my WindownServer I can connect to the SQL server through MS SQL Management Studio, so firewall and all that is ok. And my Windown AD user has access to the database.
But never the less I'm getting this error and the server admin can see the failed login in the server log.

[2021-02-17T09:51:47,984][ERROR][logstash.inputs.jdbc ][main][b08b71f174442b8dc3be807457a72d9cc857de10bcd897f7bb70ac01896eb657] Unable to connect to database. Tried 1 times {:error_message=>"Java::ComMicrosoftSqlserverJdbc::SQLServerException: Login failed for user 'USER@DOMAIN.local'. ClientConnectionId:19be6378-d3a2-46bd-b589-ed0542a1bba2"}

This is my conf file

input {
      jdbc {
        jdbc_driver_library => "C:/logstash-7.10.2/logstash-core/lib/jars/mssql-jdbc-9.2.0.jre11.jar" 
        jdbc_driver_class => "com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver"     
        jdbc_connection_string =>"jdbc:sqlserver://SQLSERVER.DOMAIN.local:1433
        jdbc_user => "USER@DOMAIN.local"
        jdbc_password => "PASSWORD"
        statement_filepath => "C:/logstash-7.10.2/bin/test.sql"

I am fairly certain that everything is setup right. I do see other posts with similar issues, but they are several years old, and much have happened with logstash since then, that is why I ask again. I properly have unnecessary elements in my connection string, but I am running out of idears.

Help my Obi-Elastic, you are my only hope

Found the answer to the problem: The jdbc driver was to new (!?)
The mssql-jdbc-9.2.0.jar is aparently incompadable with java 11 while with mssql-jdbc-7.2.2.jre11.jar it worked

systems requirements for the jdbc driver

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