JDBC input filter balancing

can I have 3 different LS instances (1 on node1, 1 on node2, 1 on node3) that should use the standand JDBC input filter. is there a way to balance the usage of them of each node? I mean, if node1 extract a subset of data I would like to avoid that also node2 will extract the same docs.


There is no simple way to do this. You might be able to parameterize the query so that each instance ingests a different subset, but I don't think that is the answer you are looking for.

hi @Badger, your answer was not exactly what I was looking for but thanks.
My doubt is related to this fact: I would like to have not a single point of failure so if LS on node1 fails I don't really care about it because I have also node2 and node3.

maybe should I have 3 different schedule time and each instance can write in a shared disk?

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