Jdbc input plugin: is it possible to let only run 1 sql query at once per pipeline?


I would like to use logstash to access our relational database and do some cyclic queries.
It is planed to use multiple logstash pipelines. Each pipeline will only contain 1 sql statement which is fired against the db.

Because I want to fire it against our productive database, I need to think about abnormal behavior, selfmade errors, etc. like long running the sql statement or statements which turns out to produce excessive load on the database side.

E.g. if I plan to run the statement once a minute and the statement needs more than 1 minute to return, I need some behavior which prevents logstash from firing the new query against the db, if the previous one has not been returned yet. Otherwise it would be possible to flood the database.

Is that possible? How can I achieve this?

Thanks a lot,

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