Jdbc_properties under sequel_opts in jdbc plugin logstash

I need to pass two parameters "encryptionAlgorithm" and "securityMechanism" under jdbc_properties , can anyone please advise if poosible. Below thing is not working

jdbc {
sequel_opts => {
jdbc_properties => {"securityMechanism" => "9", "encryptionAlgorithm" => "2"}

Are you sure that you need to do this in the sequel_opts?

Usually sequel_opts is for options to drive Sequel the 3rd party ORM that we use under the hood.
See the docs

You might have read this paragraph on jdbc where jdbc_properties is mentioned.

Have you tried to add those to the connection string?
e.g. jdbc:db2://<host>:<port>/<database>:securityMechanism=9;encryptionAlgorithm=2

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