Jdbc_static logstash plugin, multiple loaders, Parameter field not found in event

I am using the jdbc_static logstash plugin, and I want to enrich events with different types of data.

I have multiple loaders set, but not all events have the parameter field for each loader.

This shuts down the entire pipeline when it occurs. I would prefer it fails gracefully as it's normal to reach that point with some events not being able to be enriched. That's okay in my use case.

I can't if statement the loaders in jdbc_static. What options do I have to run multiple loaders and enrichments where some of the time the fields are not going to be available in one or more loaders?

Error: Parameter field not found in event
javapipeline - Pipeline worker error, the pipeline will be stopped

Solved the issue just filling in "unavailable" for the fields that didn't exist.

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