Jdbc_streaming parameters on From

I've seen documentation about using parameters as

    statement => "select * from WORLD.COUNTRY WHERE Code = :code"
    parameters => { "code" => "country_code"}

But I'm in situation where I have 9 different cases and I store each case on a field called linkedserver, each case will have linked servers to get the data from.
it will be like select * from [linkedserver9].WORLD.COUNTRY WHERE Code = code1

I've tried

 statement => "select * from [:linkedserver]WORLD.COUNTRY WHERE Code = :code"
    parameters => { "code" => "country_code" "linkedserver"=>"linkedserver"}

but it returning some exception

        [0] "_jdbcstreamingfailure",
        [1] "_jdbcstreamingdefaultsused",

Acctually I can do it by calling jdbc_streaming filter on every if case (calling jdbc_streaming 9 times), But using parameters on FROM could saving lot of lines.
Question in, Can we use parameters on FROM

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