Jenkins metrics using otel plugin on elastic APM

Hi, i am completely new to elastic APM. i want to visualize jenkins job metrics on elastic apm. i have installed apm server on the same server where elasticsearch and kibana are present. How should i set up the APM integration. Do i need to install and set the fleet server? i went through the official documentation but i was not able to proceed. so i basically have jenkins with otel plugin installed. and elasticsearch and kibana and APm server installed on another machine. how should i connect them? Please help

Perhaps this could help: CI/CD observability | Observability Guide [8.4] | Elastic

referred already. but i am not understanding what i am missing. i am not using a collector and fleet server. directly sending metrics from jenkins using otel plugin to elastic apm. on jenkins side just getting a error on ui as shown below

As highlighted how can i give read permission to elastic user . I've given correct credentials to access elasticsearch. but still i am getting that error.

on the APM dashboard getting these

I've not made any config for indexes. just installed the otel plugin on jenkins whose config are as shown above. and installed apm server on my elk machine.
getting these in the logs of apm-server

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