Jira connector mapped to the wrong field

I setup the Jira connector to Elastic security but it automatically mapped the description field to a custom field that is not the description field. Is there a way to manually change what it is mapped to?

You should delete the connector and redo it. I've never head of this happening to anyone before. So this is new.

Hi @kyles,

Did what @austinsonger suggested fixed your problem?

Cases try to detect the best suitable mapping between case's fields and the external service's fields. There is a bug in our mapping that this PR fixes it. Basically, if Jira's description is not a mandatory field, the mapping will try to find the next suitable mandatory textarea field. The mapping is now fixed only to map to our preferred fields. We do not support dynamic field mapping yet.

To answer your question, you cannot manually change the mapping. The best possible solution would be either to delete and create again your connector as @austinsonger said, or make the Jira's description field mandatory.


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