JMS Headers

I am testing the JMS Plugin of Java Apm Client.

The jms agent plugin creates a trace header with elastic_apm_traceparent instead of elastic-apm-traceparent.

public interface JmsInstrumentationHelper<D, M, L> {

 * In some cases, dashes are not allowed in JMS Message property names
public static final String JMS_TRACE_PARENT_HEADER = TraceContext.TRACE_PARENT_HEADER.replace('-', '_');

Span startJmsSendSpan(D destination, M message);

L wrapLambda(@Nullable L listener);


So the reason is clear. But that's confusing in the programming.

@suikast42 is there something we can do to make this less confusing? It appears to be a limitation that we need to live with.

When is resolved (i.e. we start using the header "traceparent" everywhere), then I suppose this will be no longer be a problem.

That point missed in the documentation I think.


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