JMS onMessage not covered as span

The tracing of jms send works as expeceted. ( The send proceducre is covered by a span)


But the receive direction ( regradless which approach I tried receive,receivNoWait, MDB or setMessageListener ) is covered only by a transaction. So that the meta information Type,Subtype,Action is not covered. This information is very helpful for dashboarding of the messaging system IMHO.


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The send action is a span without a doubt, however, the receive action would normally qualify as a Transaction (especially when using MessageListener#onMessage) and not a span, as it is normally the entry point of traced flow within a service. This may change in the future as we evolve our support for messaging. You can see more in our data model documentation what part each of these types play.
Transactions don't have subtype and action, but the JMS transactions have messaging in their transaction.type field if that helps...

You'r right. But IMHO in the context of an analysis, it's easier to have a span. So you can divide between incomming an outgoing messages in the same way.

Currenlty i work with labels.

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