JMS Plug In stop

I implemented a Logstash (7.5.2) pipeline with the following configration:

input {
    jms {
                include_header => true
                include_properties => true
                include_body => true
                use_jms_timestamp => true
                interval => 10
                timeout => -1
                destination => "ELK.KPI"
                pub_sub => false
                yaml_file => "${LS_PIPELINES}/jms_jndi/INT.yml"
                yaml_section => "ems"

filter { }

output {
        elasticsearch {
                index => "integration"
                hosts => ["localhost:9200"]

After a few days of correct execution, this pipeline stopped processing the events.
(the other logstasth pipelines continued to function properly)
There is no error in the Lostash and Elasticsearch logs.
Following the restart of the logstash process, it resumed processing events.
Obviously it is not acceptable that the operation stops randomly without even logging errors.
Can you suggest me a method to monitor the behaviour of this plugin?
I have already set the logs to trace waiting for the problem to recur.


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