JMX CompositeDataSupport and Array


Using the logstash jmx plugin, I'm retrieving a CompositeDataSupport Object which is then pushed to Elasticsearch. The problem is that the value pushed is not an array converted as a String but more something which looks like the address of the object in memory.

I was wondering how will it be possible to map this as an ArrayType in ElasticSearch.

This is the value of the metric_value_string field which ends up in the repository


And the following text describes the structure of the objects
itemName=per hour,[J,dimension=1,,primitiveArray=true)),
(itemName=per minute,[J,dimension=1,,primitiveArray=true)),
(itemName=per second,[J,dimension=1,,primitiveArray=true)),
(itemName=per week,[J,dimension=1,,primitiveArray=true)))),contents={per hour=[0, ... , 111], per minute=[111, ... , 111], per second=[111,  ..., 111], per week=[0, ... , 0]})"

Sadly, this is currently not supported in the jmx input, I registered to keep track of adding support for these missing additional types.