JMX conf multiple hosts

Hi ,

is it possible to add multiple hosts to jmx.conf:

//Required, JMX listening host/ip
"host" : "",
//Required, JMX listening port
"port" : 1335,
//Optional, the username to connect to JMX
"username" : "user",
//Optional, the password to connect to JMX
"password": "pass",
//Optional, use this alias as a prefix in the metric name. If not set use _
"alias" : "test.homeserver.elasticsearch",
//Required, list of JMX metrics to retrieve
"queries" : [
//Required, the object name of Mbean to request
"object_name" : "java.lang:type=Memory",
//Optional, use this alias in the metrics value instead of the object_name
"object_alias" : "Memory"
}, {
"object_name" : "java.lang:type=Runtime",
//Optional, set of attributes to retrieve. If not set retrieve
//all metrics available on the configured object_name.
"attributes" : [ "Uptime", "StartTime" ],
"object_alias" : "Runtime"
}, {
//object_name can be configured with * to retrieve all matching Mbeans
"object_name" : "java.lang:type=GarbageCollector,name=",
"attributes" : [ "CollectionCount", "CollectionTime" ],
//object_alias can be based on specific value from the object_name thanks to {<varname>}. //In this case {type} will be replaced by GarbageCollector...
"object_alias" : "{type}.{name}"
}, {
"object_name" : "java.nio:type=BufferPool,name=
"object_alias" : "{type}.{name}"
} ]

for example:

host: ["x.x.x.x" , "y.y.y.y"]

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