Jolokia Module Event Field Does not Work

Hi Everyone,
We are using Metricbeat's Jolokia plugin to autodiscover and then query Jolokia for several metrics from different mbeans.

Per the documentation here:

The event setting is optional. Use this setting to group all attributes with the same event value into the same event when sending data to Elastic.

However, when given the below config, we still receive 2 separate events in our Elasticsearch database, one for Memory and one for Classloading, rather than the single event coalesced under "myEvent". The same occurs when using wildcards for lang:type.

          - mbean: "java.lang:type=Memory"
            - attr: HeapMemoryUsage
              field: HeapMemoryUsage
              event: myEvent
          - mbean: "java.lang:type=ClassLoading"
            - attr: LoadedClassCount
              field: LoadedClassCount
              event: myEvent

So my question is, is this a bug, or is this intended behavior? I can share my full config if needed. We have observed this on metricbeat versions 6.8 and 7.15.


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