Journalbeat for armv7l GNU/Linux


I want to compile and run Journalbeat for an armv7l architecture. Therefore my go build arguments are "GOOS=linux" and "GOARCH=arm". When I run journalbeat on my target machine it exits with

"ERROR instance/beat.go:856 Exiting: error creating reader for journal: journald reader only supported on linux"

I already compiled metricbeat and it is running with no problems on my target machine.

How can I successfully compile and run journalbeat?

Thanks in advance,

Have you enabled cgo when compiling journalbeat?

GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm CGO_ENABLED=1 mage build

No, I haven't. But now I get the error "gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-marm'". Internet that it has something to do with the cross compiler? Do I need a specific cross compiler?

I managed to compile it with cygwin cross compiler. Thanks for your support!

You can also run mage package in the root of journalbeat and it prepares packages of the binary, one of them is for arm architecture.