Jsonparsefailure becoz of \/

{"name":"Wine - Maipo Valle Cabernet","price":152,"in_stock":38,"sold":47,"tags":["Alcohol","Wine"],"description":"Aliquam augue quam, sollicitudin vitae, consectetuer eget, rutrum at, lorem. Integer tincidunt ante vel ipsum. Praesent blandit lacinia erat. Vestibulum sed magna at nunc commodo placerat. Praesent blandit. Nam nulla. Integer pede justo, lacinia eget, tincidunt eget, tempus vel, pede. Morbi porttitor lorem id ligula.","is_active":true,"created":"2004/05/13"}
{"name":"Kirsch - Schloss","price":25,"in_stock":24,"sold":215,"tags":,"description":"In eleifend quam a odio.","is_active":true,"created":"2000/11/17"}>
i have json format in this type how can parse in logstash ??i am new in elastic stack ... there is json parse error beacuse of date format and json line format??

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