K8s autodiscovery for filebeat?

Does anyone please have the remotest clue how to find out what this means when trying to use K8s autodiscovery for filebeat?

Exiting: error in autodiscover provider settings: 
error setting up kubernetes autodiscover provider: 
unable to build kube config due to error: 
invalid configuration: no configuration has been provided, try setting KUBERNETES_MASTER environment variable

Is there any extra information in the events? It sounds like your node doesn't have a need environmental variable for autodiscover.

What "events"?

I've got Prometheus doing K8s autodiscover perfectly happily on the same cluster BTW.

It turned out that adding automountServiceAccountToken: true made a difference.

That wasn't a very helpful error message, was it?

Looks like you found a solution, in the future, if you get a less-than-helpful k8s CRD deployment, you might find extra information in kubectl get events Application Introspection and Debugging | Kubernetes In my experience of debugging random ECK CRDs that's been pretty helpful.

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