Kafka formatting output

Using 5.2.2, trying to send just my log message to Kafka by defining the codec in filebeat.yml as shown below:

  prospectors: []
  registry_file: "/var/lib/filebeat/registry"
  config_dir: "/etc/filebeat/conf.d"
enable: true
- myhost:9092
topic: mytopic
required_acks: 1
compression: gzip
max_message_bytes: 1000000
timeout: 90s
broker_timeout: 60s
    string: "%{[message]}"

Using the above, I still get all the metadata sent to Kafka, not just the message. I suspect my yml isn't formatted correctly since earlier posts in this group say support for this was available as of 5.2.0. I'd appreciate any help showing me where I'm going wrong. Thanks!

Apologies. I think I was too impatient for this feature to be released. Using the latest snapshot build here https://beats-nightlies.s3.amazonaws.com/filebeat/filebeat-6.0.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT-linux-x86_64.tar.gz , I'm getting the exact behavior I was hoping for. Nice job devs, I'll pay more attention next time. Sorry for any confusion.

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