Kafka messages not getting into elasticsearch/kibana

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When i start the filebeat the log is sending from the filebeat to the kafka-topic(read by kafka-consumer) then this message is a input to the logstash which is getting in and then not able to view the message in the kibana index(logjmeter-2018.07.13)

1.the above mentioned index is already created before i am just trying to append my messages to this index but that's not working
2. if i specify a new index name then it creates a new index and the messages flow where i can see in kibana.


  1. how to confirm if the data is being read in the logstash (var/log/logstash yes but what is the expected log)
  2. how to check if logstash is sending the message to elasticsearch

following is my configurations:
enabled: true
hosts: ["","",""]
topic: perf2-jmeter-new

kafka(2_11.1.1.0) messages

kafka {
bootstrap_servers => ',,'
topics => ["perf2-jmeter-new"]
type => "perf2-jmeter"
consumer_threads => 3
group_id => "logjmeter"
decorate_events => 'true'
enable_auto_commit => 'true'
auto_offset_reset => 'earliest'
poll_timeout_ms => "600"
fetch_max_wait_ms => "600"
auto_commit_interval_ms => "5000"

output {
if [type] == "perf2-jmeter" or [headers][content_type] == "perf2-jmeter" {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ["","","","",""]
index => "logjmeter-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
user => "elastic"
password => "changeme"

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

how to confirm if the data is being read in the logstash (var/log/logstash yes but what is the expected log)

If Logstash has trouble sending to ES that should be quite obvious to spot in the log. If you're not seeing anything in the log that could be an indication that the kafka input isn't consuming anything. Increasing Logstash loglevel to DEBUG could give additional clues.

But comment out the elasticsearch and replace it with a stdout { codec => rubydebug } output. If you're not getting anything from that you need to debug the kafka input.

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