Kafka plugin with PEM ssl

Hello, is it possible to use PEM keystore type instead of JKS in the plugin

That is a kafka question, not a logstash question. The input and output pass ssl_keystore_type and ssl_truststore_type through to the Apache kafka client library and my understanding is that that can handle PEM. See here for an example.

so the plugins are actually made by the kafka team?

No, the plugin itself is supported by Elastic and the community here. However, the kafka plugins (like those for http, jdbc, memcache, mongodb, rabbitmq, s3 and many others) are just wrappers around open source libraries that implement APIs. The kafka input/output do not validate the ssl_keystore_type / ssl_truststore_type options, they are just passed through to the Kafka client library as ssl.keystore.type / ssl.truststore.type. The plugin has no knowledge of what values are acceptable for those options. It is just a string that is passed on.

When I said it is "not a logstash question" what I meant was that even someone who worked on the logstash plugins would not need to know whether Kafka supports PEM.

The Google search result that I linked to suggests that Kafka does now support PEM, but I cannot be sure. I am sorry if my initial answer was unclear.

so, for example, if i passed an options recognized in kafka but not written in the documentation of logstash kafka plugin, it will work?

No, the logstash plugin needs just enough support to allow the plugin option to be set and to pass it through.

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