Kafka to Logstash pipeline not working


I have this pipeline:
Apache Webserver + Filebeats -> Logstash1 (no filters) -> Kafka -> Logstash2 (Filters) -> ES + Kibana

Via my Kafka consumer, I can see the logs going to the Kafka channel. And in Kibana I can see the heart beat being indexed in ES. But for some reason, there is no longer any logs going Kafka->LS->ES. I look at the Logstash2's log file and there are no errors, and the config is ok. I have removed all the filters and the ips and ports are good. I created a new channel in Kafka and temporarily had logs arriving in ES but then it stopped again (the Heartbeats continued).

Anyone have any idea what is going on? Thanks

In the second Logstash instance, replace the elasticsearch output with a simple stdout { codec => rubydebug } output so that you can see exactly what happens. Does it help? Increase the Logstash loglevel by starting it with --verbose or even --debug. Do you get any useful clues? Can you see if Logstash connects to Kafka? Et cetera.

Ok, so I moved my groks from Ls1 to Ls2, but the mistake being that I didn't factor in that it was grok'ing on a modified bunch of text. In my troubleshooting, I opened a Kafka producer console and noted that the text was ending up in ES, which alluded to an issue with the grok. Wish I figured that out sooner!

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate you trying to help me.