Kibana 8.0.1: Can't set logAlias on the configuration file


I've been trying to configure logAlias to my config file and I get the following message:

[xpack.infra].sources.default.logAlias]: definition for this key is missing

I used the 2 below configurations on kibana.yml

xpack.infra.sources.default.logAlias: 'logs-*,filebeat-*'


            logAlias: 'logs-*,filebeat-*'

I am using the docker image.

I have read docs, issues and topics here and everything is blurry. Is logAlias supported on 8? Can logIndices be used on kibana's configuration file and how? Do logAlias and/or logIndices need more than "basic" xpack? What's the proposed method for setting up log indexes and sources/spaces without using the UI?

Thanks in advanced for any help.

Hello again,

Any thoughts on this? Is there another way to make kibana show the log indexes i want, without using the UI?

This setting has been removed by [Logs UI] [Metrics UI] Remove deprecated alias config entries by weltenwort · Pull Request #115974 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

It's possible to configure it via UI (click the "Settings" menu in the top nav in the Logs app)

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